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GeoConvention 2012: Vision

Calgary, Canada

Visit CGG at Booth #801

Join us during GeoConvention 2012 to learn more about the SeisAble Benefits of working with CGG for acquisition, imaging, reservoir development and multi-client data library programs.  Visit our booth theater to hear more about the latest imaging and reservoir characterization techniques, and don’t miss your chance to win a new iPad3 on Wednesday!

CGG BoothBroadband Solutions

See details of our suite of acquisition and processing techniques that confirm our unrivalled capabilities in the recording, preservation and application of an extended bandwidth across the whole spectrum of our products and services.

Unconventional Resources

Learn more about our integrated suite of solutions for unconventional resource development to optimize reservoir exploitation through advanced geomechanical and lithological characterization services.

Hampson-Russell Software & Services

Hampson-Russell's latest HRS-9 software release further improves the integration of their tools and makes the interface more intuitive, so you can evaluate more data with less effort and get better results.

Advanced Imaging

CGG is recognized as a leader in seismic imaging.  Discover the latest advances in depth migration, fault constrained tomography, and the application of orthorhombic algorithms for unconventional reservoir imaging.

Technical Presentations (more details)

  • Azimuthal Fourier Coefficients: A Simple Method to Estimate Fracture Parameters
  • Variable Depth Streamer Acquisition: Enhancing Interpretation with Broadband Marine Seismic
  • Azimuthal Fourier Coefficient Elastic Inversion
  • Adaptive f-xy Hankel Matrix Rank Reduction Filter to Attenuate Coherent Noise
  • Estimation of Group Velocity using Slant Stack Generalized S Transform Based Method
  • MWD for Shallow Water Demultiple: A Hibernia Case Study
  • Azimuthal Processing for Unconventional Resource Plays Using an Orthorhombic Velocity Model

Where and When Recruiting
GeoConvention 2012: Vision
14 - 18 May 2012
Calgary, Canada
We are searching for innovative, challenge-oriented professionals. Visit our booth or click here for more information.

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14 - 18 May 2012
Calgary, Canada

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