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Savu Sea: Geology & Prospectivity

The Savu Sea Basin, offshore Indonesia, is a highly under-explored region in excess of 50,000 km2. CGG has high quality multi-client data in the area, acquired in 2007. No wells have been drilled in the basin itself, yet CGG' seismic data clearly reveal considerable potential for successful hydrocarbon exploration within the area.


  • Full Kirchhoff PSTM has been run as part of an extensive processing sequence on these data. SRME is also available on the full SF-07 volume.

Savu Sea Seismic
Section across the western sector of the Savu Basin across the Banda Arc.

Geology and Prospectivity

  • The Savu Sea Basin lies within the southern limb of the Banda Arc, which is a collision zone between the northern margin of the Australian Shelf to the south and the oceanic island arc system which borders the Eurasian plate to the north.
  • At its deepest part, the basin has up to 4.8 km of sediment.
  • The origin of the basin is highly complex, being situated within an area affected by four to five phases of rifting and interspersed phases of uplift and erosion and overprinted in recent geological time by collision tectonics.
  • It is likely that the oldest rocks in the basin are at least Late Triassic age similar to those on the island of Seram, situated on the northern limb of the arc. The Australian shelf to the south is an established petroleum province, as is the Island of Seram.
  • Oil seeps are prevalent on the island of Timor and are scattered across the offshore region as well. The seismic data recently acquired across the basin show a significant number of gas chimneys and bright amplitudes which may be associated with hydrocarbon migration and trapping. Further evidence for the existence of a petroleum system in the basin comes from satellite seep data.
  • Thick sedimentary sequences have now been interpreted on CGG' seismic data and hydrocarbon indicators such as gas plumes and mud volcanoes identified.

Savu Sea Seismic

Section across the northern sector of the Savu Sea Basin showing strong regional tilt and highlighting a mud volcano towards the western end of the displayed section.


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Geology & Prospectivity