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Seismic Imaging CGG is recognized as being at the forefront of advanced imaging technology. We have worldwide experience and regional expertise, combined with an unrivalled commitment to distributed R&D, all of which combine to reduce your exploration risk.

Meeting Your Needs

CGG has developed a comprehensive suite of algorithms which provide solutions for challenges such as:

  • Velocity Model Building in areas of complex geology
  • Subsalt, contending with extreme structures and velocity contrasts
  • GeoQube, integrates and converts legacy 2D seismic into a single 3D volume
  • Multi-pathing, to produce clear images of (and below) complex structures
  • High propagation angles, to image steep and overturned interfaces and sediments
  • Anisotropy, to cope with velocity variation relative to the direction of propagation
  • Irregular and sparse sampling, as is often found in land and seabed data
  • Complicated topography, as found in land data, especially in foothills areas
  • Wide azimuth data, using true 3D techniques and azimuthal velocity analysis

Imaging Your Data

We have imaging algorithms and techniques to suit all types of data, from all around the world:


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