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Eastern Gulf of Mexico (2D - Shelf)

40,000 Miles of 2D Data Ready for Your Workstation

CGG has recently completed a project to provide the industry with over 40,000 miles of workstation-ready 2D data in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This project involved reprocessing the original navigation data and merging it with the original products in order to provide excellent quality digital data to assess the resource potential of the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Eastern Gulf of Mexico (2D) Library Data

This large data set of ten surveys stretches from Pulley Ridge through Vernon Basin and The Elbow and continues across Florida Middle Ground, Lloyd Ridge, Desoto Canyon and Destin Dome. Data were acquired from 1983 through 1988 using digital equipment in both shallow and deep water environments.

All CGG multi-client 3D and 2D seismic data worldwide are available for license on a non-exclusive basis. Contact us for pricing and availability.


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